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Over 10 years’ providing digital solutions to our clients, with teams in Miami, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Bogotá.


Our quality department is an essential axis in the development of our projects; each of our teams is supervised with code validation tools.


Analysis and development of strategies with the objective of fueling and improving your business through a detailed strategic plan in phases and processes for its proper application and fulfillment of objectives. We help improve your Front End processes and methodologies.


Fixed control of expenses with no extra charges. You may increase or reduce your Front End team without incurring in expenses such as equipment, software, paid leaves or layoffs. You will reduce your development costs by up to 70%*.

* 122,008 average salary San Francisco


We know that your project is of utmost importance to you, which is why our team knows how to adapt to any circumstance and resolve difficult situations with coding excellence, always supervised prior to its delivery.

Service hours

Thanks to our presence in 5 countries and our multidisciplinary team, we offer real-time support 18 hours a day in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


All our work is documented and monitored thanks to the agreement we hold with Atlassian, which allows us to work remotely with our clients using Agile, Git or Product Management technologies.


The Bluecell team is comprised of individuals specializing in Front End development and project management, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in digital projects. We work with Freshdesk in order to offer you outstanding support.


We at Bluecell comply with all the stipulations required by the Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data with regard to outsourcing services. All of our clients’ files and data are protected from third parties and audited by external companies.

How does it works?

  • psd

    1. Fill the contact form and send us your PSD

  • contacto

    2. We will get in contact with you to sign an agreement with the cost and delivery date

  • HTML

    3. HTML creation

  • feedback

    6. Quality test

  • cliente

    5. Delivery to the customer

  • Pruebas y testeo

    4. Feedback from the customer with the first round of changes included

  • Entrega final

    7. Final delivery




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